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Paige Hathaway – Fitness Goddess Extraordinaire!

Paige Hathaway has exploded on the fitness scene rise up through the ranks like a Phoenix.  Paige Hathaway is a machine at the gym and on social media: More than 1.7 million people on Instagram and 2.5 million on Facebook follow her for muscle-tastic selfies and motivational pushes. (“There will be obstacles,” Paige posted in January. “There will be trial and error. There will be sweat and there might even be tears. Anyone who has ever been great at what they do has been thru some sort of hardship.”)When asked about body image and her comfort with her body, Paige responded:I think that being healthy is sexy. I think that once you’re healthy and you’re happy, it gives you moreconfidence. I used to not be confident—I used to put on a dress and not feel like I filled it out. But I love how weight training has just changed my body. Weight training has just guided my life in a better direction. I’m more focused, I’m more confident, my life is just so much better—I feel like I’ve connected the dots. … I’m a huge advocate for women to do weight training. One misconception I’m sure you’ve heard a lot is that if girls go to the gym, they’re going to look manly, they’re going to look bulky, or they’re just not going to look feminine anymore. I think strength training helps your body, and it defines your muscles and gives you a lean physique.
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10 Important Winter Skincare Tips

Winter can wreak havoc on your skin. The dry heat in homes, combined with the cold air outside, causes skin to dry out. If you want to look your best this winter season, it’s a good idea to start paying attention to how you treat your skin right now. You don’t have to make drastic changes, but following these ten tips can really help you get perfect skin.Important Winter Skincare Tips 

1. Hydrate from the inside out

Hydrate from the inside outDrink plenty of water to help your skin stay hydrated. While products and creams can help, they won’t work as well if you don’t drink enough water to keep your skin cells healthy. Make sure you drink plain water, as juice, coffee and tea do not hydrate the same way. In fact, caffeine can dehydrate your body.

10 Awesome Beauty Secrets from Models

When you flip through the latest fashion and beauty magazines, you probably find yourself longing to achieve the styles of the women you see. While you may never be a supermodel, you can still look like one! All it takes is a little beauty know-how. There’s no need to spend tons of cash on beauty products. Here are the ten best beauty tips most popular models follow.Awesome Beauty Secrets from Models

1. Highlight your best feature

Highlight your best featureModels know that looking your best is about working with what you’ve got. Blush can emphasize gorgeous cheek bones. A darker shade of eye shadow will really make your baby blues pop. No matter what you look like, you’ve probably got a feature that stands out. Draw attention to it and you’ll be even more beautiful.

7 Characteristics That Dog Owners Share

Scientists have traced the origin and evolution of all dogs (from a Yorkshire terrier to a mastiff) from the wolf. We have historical records showing dogs have been domesticated for at least ten thousand years in all their variations. This means they are very comfortable with human companions – and we have become very comfortable with them. Like their ancestor the wolf, dogs like to live and work and play in packs, and they consider us a member of their pack essential to their happiness. They also have a deep sense of protectiveness for our welfare once they become part of our lives.
Are you a dog owner? Studies are being done at universities to determine the personality of dog owners. They are apparently quite different from cat owners. But we probably don’t need an academic treatise to know this! Some things are just plain obvious… So just what are these common and very familiar characteristics dog owners share?Characteristics That Dog Owners Share

1. They often match the personalities of their dogs

Look at your dog and think about it – do you have anything in common? There’s a good chance you do! I, for example, favor a golden retriever, and the two of us have an essential gullibility we can’t shake. Owners of small dogs like Pugs and Chihuahuas are viewed as being both creative and possibly over-sensitive. People who choose hound dogs, which include Beagles and Greyhounds, are pretty constant in nature, not easily upset.

2. They are sure their dogs know what they are saying

This trait is shared by owners of other animals, but dog owners are especially prone to conversations with their canine friends. It has been suggested that dogs are capable of appearing sympathetic, which is probably true but not because they understand the conversation. They sense their owners’ moods faster than any other animal, whether the mood is happy or sad (cats could care less and birds aren’t paying attention.)

3. They worry about their dogs’ welfare

Dog owners often think of their dogs when they are away and feel guilty if their time away is too long. They gladly arrange for people to stop in and visit the dog, who requires human company. The cat often requires the food dish, and that suffices.

4. They shy away from cat owners

There is a certain extroverted quality in dog owners that cat owners do not share, studies suggest. It may have to do with the fact dogs have to be walked, so their owners get outdoors more often. It may also have to do with the fact dogs rarely meet a human they don’t want to check out, which means their owners often end up meeting those humans, too.

5. They admire their dogs’ behavior

At a recent competition I watched, in which dogs had to run an obstacle course, some did well and some didn’t. But at the end of the circuit, their owners received them with smiles of approval. The habit of dog owners is to praise their dogs even when their pets don’t quite manage to figure out the task at hand. Of course, give dogs a real job, like guarding the driveway by lying on it, and they are pleased to help. Their owners accept any show of guarding the house and its occupants as evidence of their dogs’ intelligence.

6. They wonder how long their dogs can play fetch

It is a mystery to most dog owners how their dogs are willing to chase a ball or stick for ages – far longer than their owners can manage to throw said items. The average dog can play the game for hours, if allowed. The average owners clock out at fifteen minutes and feel wiped out.

7. They rely on the dog’s greeting when they get home

More times than we can count there are stories of dogs remembering their owners after months and even years of separation. Dog owners also can count on their pets waiting at the door or window for their return, and barking their enthusiastic greeting as they race to greet them. This happens whether the time frame has been a few minutes, a few hours, or a whole day. It is obvious to all dog owners that they are the center of their dog’s world, which is a very nice place to be.
Are there other ways you think dogs resemble their owners, or other traits they share? Let us know in the comments. We dog owners have inquiring minds.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Silver vs. Gold: How to Choose the Right Jewellery

Whether you’re shopping for jewellery for a loved one or you are looking for a new necklace or bracelet for yourself, the choice usually comes down to gold or silver. These tips will help you determine which precious metal you will wear and how to buy it.How to Choose the Right Jewellery

What’s your style?

What type of jewellery do you like? Do you prefer a few good pieces of fine jewellery or would you rather have more costume jewellery for variety? Do you have any idea what your significant other likes as far as jewellery?
If you’re shopping for yourself and you’re trying to determine the best style, look for jewellery in the store. This way you can try things on and see how it looks. Wear the shirt or blouse you plan to wear with the jewellery. Even if you are shopping online, look for similar pieces in store too see how it looks. Bring a friend to help you out.
If you’re shopping for someone else and you have plenty of time, check out what they are wearing from day to day. You can see what they like and what they stay away from. If possible, ask them about their preference. Just because they have all gold jewellery doesn’t mean they don’t want to expand their collection with more silver.

What goes best with your skin tone?

Just because you like gold or silver, doesn’t mean it won’t work equally well with your looks. First, determine your skin tone. The wrist is a good place to start. Cool skin tones have bluish colored veins. This doesn’t always mean pale skin. Even people with dark or tan skin can have cool skin tones. If your veins are a greenish color, you have warm skin tone. Those with red or strawberry blonde hair usually have warm skin tones.
If you have cool skin tone, silver, white gold and platinum jewellery will match your skin well. Those with warm skin tone should stick with gold, brass and copper. Sure, these aren’t rules. You can vary your choice of gold and silver according to your preference.

Durability and cost

Color isn’t the only thing to consider when you’re choosing between gold or silver. Is one more durable or expensive than the other? It is well-known that gold is much more expensive than silver. This is because it is a rare metal.
Sterling silver jewellery is beautiful, but it can tarnish over time. Gold is available in yellow, rose and white. Each one is treated differently and can affect the durability. Also, the amount of gold or silver in the piece can make a difference. All jewellery made of real gold or silver should have markings that tell you whether it is gold or silver. Sterling silver will be marked as ‘sterling’ or with the number ‘925’. Gold jewellery will be marked with the karats such as 14k gold.
Whether you buy gold or silver jewellery, it must be taken care of properly. Clean each piece regularly with the correct cleaning formula. Store the jewellery in a dry place and not in the attic or basement where temperatures and the environment fluctuate. Some pieces need to be dipped or treated by your jeweller. Don’t miss any scheduled maintenance if you want to keep your jewellery looking its best, especially when it comes to gold and silver.
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If you’re preparing to buy an expensive piece of gold or silver jewellery, ask the clerk to help you. At any fine jewellery store, the clerk should be knowledgeable enough to help you make the right decision for yourself or your loved one. Once you’ve chosen the right jewellery, wear it as often as possible to show your appreciation and love for your new necklace, bracelet or ring.

10 Best Spring and Summer Workouts

Though statistically we fail miserably at keeping our New Year’s Resolutions to get fit, there’s still hope around springtime. Study’s show that when you begin a few months after January, you’re not only more likely to keep your fitness goals, but it’s also easier to get motivated (due to better weather and the thought of fitting into a bathing suit during the warmer weather, I suppose).
This year, there are some very intriguing exercises that are perfect for getting uber-fit and toned with stronger and leaner muscles. The theme of this year’s best fitness workouts are based on one word, “FUN!” No one wants to do boring workouts anymore. People want something that will be fun and that keeps you motivated to go back and do it again and again.
These 10 workouts for spring and summer are just that – super fun, electrifying, challenging and will whip your body into shape in no time flat.Best Spring and Summer Workouts

1. AntiGravity Fitness

AntiGravity FitnessPossibly the most visually mesmerizing form of exercise is AntiGravity. Think Cirque Du Soleil meets yoga. You’re basically hanging from a hammock like sheet that provides resistance and makes use of your body weight to strengthen muscles. It not only stretches and tones, but it’s also so much fun. Added bonus: hanging upside down makes you feel like a kid again and provides ample blood flow to the brain for enhanced cognitive function.

The Power of Positive Thinking: Can it Really Improve Your Life?

Positive thinking is not only a soft, feel-good term. It can change your life in a great number of ways, and can help you be a happier and well-balanced person. Many of you can say that life is tough and there are situations where it’s impossible to think positively, but it’s actually possible and positive thinking can help you cope with any situation no matter how hard it is. The advantages of positive thinking extend into numerous areas of life and positive thinking is important in reaching happiness and success. Below is the list of the best advantages of positive thinking.The Power of Positive Thinking

1. Positive thinking relieves stress

Unfortunately, we can’t live without stress and it’s waiting for us at every corner, but positive thinking can help significantly reduce your stress levels. When I was at college, I noticed that I was able to deal much better with my exams when I thought positively. I failed a few exams due to stress and it seemed I was sinking into depression. My best friend is a huge optimist and she helped me to start thinking positively; since then positive thinking is an essential part of my life.
I would be lying if I said I hadn’t been stressed out. Yes, I get a bit stressed out every now and then, but when I think positively, I feel a great relief from the stress and it helps me to think clearly and solve any problem without worries and anxiety. If you are stressed out all the time, I recommend you to start thinking positively and you will see how it works for you. You shouldn’t let stress rule your life!

2. Positive thinking helps increase pain tolerance

One of the best advantages of positive thinking is that it can increase your pain tolerance. A research shows that optimists tend to take pain much better than people who are pessimistic. Fight back against sore throat, broken bones, and aches with a positive outlook on life, and you will see how it’s great to be optimistic.

3. Positive thinking improves your relationship

If you are single and you’re looking to meet your love, positive thinking will help you have much better luck in love. No one wants to spend time with a woman who is constantly moping about and who is not satisfied with her life. Most men as well as women want to have a positive partner who enjoys getting the most out of life. Start thinking positively and you will have more chances of finding your other half. Plus, you will have more friends and better health as well.

4. Positive thinking reduces your blood pressure

If you suffer from high blood pressure and you are not a positive thinker, it’s time to reconsider your outlook on life and start thinking more positively. The thing is, pessimistic people have higher blood pressure than optimists, because they have a high stress levels and suffer from anxiety, which both lead to high blood pressure. Therefore, positive thinking is a must as it helps lower a high blood pressure. Sure, you might need to eat healthier, work out and drop a few pounds, but thinking positively will definitely contribute to reducing your blood pressure.

5. Positive thinkers take better care of themselves

I know, it sounds a bit strange, but people who think positively actually take better care of themselves. To tell the truth, I always thought that people who have positive outlook on life would simply expect good things to happen. I couldn’t even think that positive thinking can help me take better care of myself. I keep my body healthy by exercising, eating well and taking vitamins and weigh gain caused by stress isn’t a problem for me. If you want to lose weight, you should change how you think and make sure you think positively. Even the best diet won’t help you to shed those unwanted pounds, if you are always stressed out.

6. Positive thinking helps you age gracefully

They say positive thinkers age gracefully and they are able to get better with age. This is true. A research conducted by the University College London found that positive outlook is linked with aging healthfully and gracefully. So, think positively, lower your stress levels, and you will age gracefully for sure.

7. Positive thinking is good for your heart and head

Perhaps, this is the most amazing benefit of positive thinking. If you want to keep your heart healthy, start thinking positively on a regular basis. A study shows that optimists tend to have a lowered risk of heart disease and overall their hearts are healthier. In addition to that, positive thinking is good for your head. Negative emotions and thoughts can affect the mind and make you feel miserable. Make a habit of thinking positively no matter what and you will keep your heart and your head ticking along happily.
There are many great advantages of positive thinking. It’s good for your body, mind, and it’s the easiest way to better your health. If you tend to be pessimistic, don’t worry, it’s never too late to start learning positive thinking skills. If you are a positive thinker, please, share your secrets of being positive. It’s difficult to have positive outlook on life these days, so let’s help each other to think positively and live a better life.